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In honor of Christ’s birth: A religious news agency in Romania manages to make the first broadcast LIVE Video FULL HD on the Internet, around the world

On the evening of 18 December 2010, at 18:00, Romanians were able to see live, but not only them, but also those from abroad, a premiere technique achieved… by a religious news agency, “Orthodox Places” (“Orthodox Halidom” – Lacasuri Ortodoxe): first broadcast on Internet, FULL HD, even multicamera. Transmission was provided by two next-generation FULL HD cameras, both mobile, stereo.

News agency, which belongs to non-profit Association “Orthodox Places”, is active in the web space since December 25, 2007, and published by this time thousands of articles, translations and analysis of the religious world (from country and from abroad).
The same web platform was able to broadcast LIVE a record number of religious ceremonies and events of the Romanian Orthodox Church, but also from secular life, so that, currently, held a video archive on the Internet containing these records, largely achieved in Bucharest Podeanu Church (rev. Vasile Ailioaiei), where broadcasts are scheduled, today the number exceeds 500.
Association president is the engineer Catalin Ion and the organization has gained legal status since December 2008. Since May 2010, “Orthodox Places” becoming trademark, after previously, according to records made by employees of the Romanian Patriarchy, managed to reach a record in Romania on religious information.

Those involved in this activity are usually volunteers, “Orthodox Places” managed to have the largest group of supporters and subscribers among Orthodox religious groups across the globe (administered Yahoo), with over 13.000 members. A broadcast worth remembering, unique, LIVE, was a Mass of the Holy Apostle James – brother of the Lord, the oldest form of a Mass, “the mother of all Masses”.

In the spring of 2010, “Orthodox Places” has launched its first edition for the Romanians abroad: “Orthodox Places – Spain Edition”, (Moradas Ortodoxas), once the cornerstone of the first Cathedral Romanian Orthodox in Madrid, by Patriarch Daniel.

Meanwhile, “Orthodox Places” has a series of unfolding media partnerships with religious and secular institutions in the country, and take actions to help the people in difficult living conditions, but the main goal remains the Orthodox churches foundation but also in order to provide better access to religious information in today’s world located in a dangerous process of secularization.
The first FULL HD broadcasting has brought its web visitors a concert of traditional carols, for over an hour, realized in Popa Tatu Church in Bucharest, by the men’s choir TE DEUM LAUDAMUS, in honor of Christ’s birth.

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